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  1. I can honestly say that Grand Exchange is not the most basic home, that would be Edgeville. Besides, I've only ever seen 1 other RSPS use the Grand Exchange as their home and we put a lot of thought into where to place a very appealing home that didn't cause players to lag and that didn't feel crammed. Also adding the shops all into 1 NPC has brought nothing but positive feedback, players don't want to click through 20 NPCs just to find the shop they're looking for. Its a nice and convenient way to organize and keep the shops easy it navigate through. You're recommended location is from OSRS, that is not a map location that we can use on our 718 server. Not only is manipulating/adding map data to our revision incredibly difficult, or way too pricey for the necessary tools, adding something like this is not going to be happening. Adding all these NPCs and portals to the home is what makes a home cluttered and easy to get lost in, which in the case you would require a space as overly spacious as Shayzien House. There are other ways to help the server stand out to be unique, but changing our home location and having NPC's and teleports all over home would not make us unique. Every RSPS I've played has revolved around that kind of setup. I know this is all my opinion, but what you've stated in this post just doesn't make sense to me. We read over all suggestions and encourage you to keep giving us you're input
  2. Yagada

    Community Poll #1

    First community poll. Please respond to all questions!
  3. Yagada

    Server Updates

    Queen Black Dragon Moved re-spawn and death re-spawn to home Flame Wall attack hits lower now when using appropriate anti-dragon equipment Removed Dragonkin books from drop table Changed time allowed on animated floors until you take damage from 3 to 7 seconds Added all rare drops to the news feed World-gorger Boss Combat of the boss has changed significantly and here are the changes: Boss now hits through mage prayer (1/2 damage when active), Will no longer focus familiars to avoid damage, If multiple people are in the room, there is a chance every 3 attacks for it to target another player Damage dealt to the boss is capped at 600 Damage the boss deals has been slightly lowered You can no longer leave the area, the only way out is death or teleport Miscellaneous Added Farming patch and Construction bench to home Removed ;;west and ;;north commands Removed double spin ticket from Troll Invasion reward and replaced with 2 crystal keys Removed double spin ticket from completing Cook's Assistant and replaced with a crystal key Removed double spin ticket drops from Vorago's Chest Added a check to Max/Comp Cape shop to allow only maxed players to access
  4. Completionists capes already have this making them unique in this way, would be better to give a nice bonus to something harder to achieve like that over a simple 99 range cape
  5. Yagada

    Server Updates

    Main Server New home has been moved to the Grand Exchange! Check it out with ;;home Added Armadyl Buckler to the drop news feed Dying while fighting QBD now protects ALL items on death to prevent losing your gear forever Added animations to NPCs in Dwarves Cave and Hellhounds Added new All-in-One Shop for most popular Wolf Scape shops. Speak to the NPC found at each one of the four pillars at home Removed teleporting when clicking on skills in the Skills Tab and re-added Skill Guides Changed the name of the 'Clothing and Skillcape' shop to 'Player Clothing' Removed the shop access on previously noted NPC Loot Beams can now be disabled when talking to the Loot Beams NPC Brand new Bank Vault, along with PIN settings has been added to the right-click option 'Collect' of all Bank Booth's (Bank Vault is used to transfer Wolf Credits to other players if you wish to sell them and claiming donations) Added a message when attempting to claim a donation and there is nothing waiting for you Dungeoneering Moved World-gorger to new arena that has no safe-spots. This boss was meant to challenge players, not suited to AFK World-gorger's minions now have the same re-spawn timer as the main boss Removed Thok from Dungeoneering Fixed the Dungeoneering teleport under 'Skilling Teleports' The Smuggler in Dungeoneering no longer moves around Bug Fixes Fixed Delirth in the Dominion Tower not spawning a Silverlight when fighting him Fixed regular Donator cost to reset a Slayer task to 250k Fixed Donator Rank typos in Donator Features on the Control Panel Fixed bug with Wilderness Course that had potential XP abuse Fixed 'Yes' and 'No' emotes Fixed issue when a skill was leveled up and the player clicked the skill and the flashing would not go away
  6. Yagada

    Server Updates

    A lot of updates have been added this patch so I am only going to categorize by what was affected by the new donation system benefits or not. All changes and exact values can be compared to the new info tabs on the donation page https://www.wolfscape.co/donate/ Donator Updates Based on rank, players now receive bonus slayer points per task completed Based on rank, players now have a decreased price for resetting a slayer task Based on rank, players now receive bonus Dungeoneering tokens when completing a floor Based on rank, players now have a percent chance of rolling an additional item on a different drop table for better items when using the Crystal chest Based on rank, players now have a percent chance increase landing on Third-Age armor from easy clues and Third-Age armor/Dyes from elite clues Based on rank, players now start on a higher wave for the Fight Caves Based on rank, players now start on a higher wave for the Fight Kiln Miscellaneous Updates Removed dollar sign trailing at the end of the world message for players voting Removed the end of fight scene for bosses in the Dominion Tower Prayer bonus on the Dominion Sword has been lowered from +11 to +3 Fixed grammatical errors in the Slayer Master dialogue Removed Sunfreet from possible slayer tasks Removed annoying message for kills left every-time you kill a monster that a player has on task Removed spin tickets from the Crystal chest and easy clues Removed dragon defender from the Crystal chest standard loot and added it to its bonus loot table Lowered rate at which players can receive Third-Age items and Dyes from easy and elite clues Removed Tokkul drops from participating in the Fight Caves Players can no longer bank while participating in the Fight Caves Players can no longer bank while participating in the Fight Kiln Loot beams are now disabled on new player creation until the player decides to activate them at home Added Dungeoneering points and current slayer task with amount to the Wolf Server Info Tab The Wolf Server Info Tab has been reorganized and recolored to be more appealing Added Armadyl Crossbow to the world drop feed Drop rates at Tarn for Void pieces has been lowered from 5% to 2% Devil's Chest now sells to the General Store for 10m
  7. Yagada

    How do I enter Floor 2?

    Sorry forgot to include in update log. You now access floor 2 at 100 dungeoneering
  8. Yagada

    Server Updates

    1/17/2019 Dungeoneering Updates Dungeoneering now requires at least the following to start training the skill: 70 Attack, 70 Strength, 70 Defence, 70 Constitution Based on these required levels, at each tier (70s, 80s, 90s, and 99s) you will be given an equipment load-out by default at the start of the dungeon When entering a lobby, your character will now randomly be placed inside the lobby to prevent all players of a team from stacking on top of one another Floor 1 is now for levels 1-99 and Floor 2 is for levels 100+ Correct tokens received displays post-dungeon in the chatbox Drygore/Dung Boss has been officially been renamed to the World-gorger World-gorger arena safe-spots have been removed World-gorger Dungeoneering requirement has been increased from 105 to 120 Donator Updates To reflect the new donator rank perks (Coming Soon!), the bank command ;;b has been moved from a Donator perk to an Elite Donator perk due to its effectiveness and how game-changing it is Removed bank button inside of Donator Features on the Control Panel (can use ;;b) Vote Updates Voting now displays a worldwide message to show who has been voting Voting also informs the player in the chatbox that they have received a vote point IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU ALL VOTE! It will help us achieve more players and grow our community! Also, a new vote shop will be released this weekend to give better and more useful rewards to help encourage voting Miscellaneous Updates Ironman game-modes have been removed from the game. They never where a popular option and we will be polling a brand new game-mode! Website links for various commands and/or redirects have been updated to match the new site Also the ;;updates command is now correctly linking to view the main page to show all Wolf Scape updates The cut-scene from Dominion Tower has been removed as it was long and unnecessary The Squeal of Fortune has been disabled. We are think of new ways to implement daily rewards