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  1. Definitely not to these. We're not giving donators extra stats and having them flood the chat feed
  2. Yenswi

    Job Bored!

    ๐Ÿค” We will see. If you would like, for now, I can add a forum section? @Skyzen
  3. Yenswi

    New Website

    It was one of our old Graphics designers! He's pretty good, Still waiting on him to get back to us with some user bars for the forums. Thanks for the feedback!
  4. Yenswi

    New Website

    Hi 1338! Thank you for the positive feedback. The players online server side is still on our test realm. Weโ€™re going to be launching a pretty big update this week, so when that update goes through the Players Online function will begin to work as intended. I appreciate you noticing that there may have been an issue with it! Thank you!
  5. Thanks for the recommendation! This monthly event will begin February.
  6. I'm going to crash you at every boss you do now. GL kid. A majority of this thread we are discussing internally. Thank you for the insight, Aidas!
  7. Yenswi


    This is definitely something that would be done later, down the line. Thank you for the suggestion!
  8. Yenswi

    New Website

    Hello everyone! Wanted to announce that we have a new home page! https://wolfscape.co We wanted the community to have a single hub to check out the new updates, top 3-5 players in the highscores, and see whose been voting the most. We hope you like it. Now that I have released the home page I will be working on making a new vote, donate, and hiscores! These releases will come in waves starting with vote. I hope to make vote more responsive for every one as well as address some major issues that have been brought up with the current system. If anyone has any thing they would like to see added to the site or would like to give feed back, feel free.
  9. Hello Wolf Scape! It has been one week since we launched and it's been great seeing the in-game activity and discourse! With the launch of the server this time around, I and the rest of the Wolf Scape staff wanted to give the community an opportunity to recognize one player each month that has gone out of their way to positively influence the community! This influence could be anything from helping new players, to grinding away for 200m EXP and teaching others how they are doing it, it's up to you. At the beginning of each month a new thread will be created here in the Events section where players can nominate others (or themselves) who are positively impacting the community. Half way through the month the topic will be closed; The top 3-5 players with the most nominations will be added to a that poll will be posted where everyone in the community can vote. The winner of the player of the month title will receive spot on the top of our new home page, a forum badge, and an exclusive (untradable/sellable) item in the game! We hope you have all had a great time during this first week of Wolf Scape and look forward to hearing about all the amazing things the member's of our community are doing for one another!
  10. Yenswi

    Highscore Icons

    Currently working on rolling out an update for the homepage. When that is finished I will be working on fixing/revamping all of the exterior applications (highscores, vote, donate). Thank you for the suggestion and I will definitely keep it in mind! ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. Yenswi


    Heads up, they do have pets. They are EXTREMELY rare.
  12. Casting magic. Loot beams. Changing home area. All currently a work in progress Hiscores Done Polled Content As of right now we are working on bug fixes and QoL changes before we begin development of new aspects of the game. We will, in the future, be doing polled content.
  13. We will discuss most of these. However, Nex should not be taking you 30-45 in a 3-4man team. Adam and I used to run it with a few people and 30-45 minutes was about 2-3 kills from my memory at least.
  14. Yenswi

    Server Updates

    1/14/2019 1:30PM Patch Lowered the sell price of cut dragonstone. From 10k - 5k Fixed highscore updating Other Minor bug fixes